Tecnología de F1 para los clientes más exigentes

Espectacular video que muestra los estudios y test que se realizan antes de que los productos lleguen al cliente final. Test de laboratorio, test en competiciones, ingenieros y riders compartiendo información para oobtener el mejor resultado:


What Would You Do With 5 Minutes?

It took more than four years to create the fastest bike we ever made, the S-Works Venge. It took building our own Win Tunnel, hundreds of prototypes, and dedicating ourselves to redefining the shape, structure, and theory of speed. The payoff, however, is that every element of the bike is painstakingly constructed to be faster. To learn everything about the innovation and advancements in speed, go to: http://www.specialized.com/5minutes

Posted by Specialized Bicycles on Martes, 23 de junio de 2015